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What is it ?

"Survivalism" is a movement of people or groups who adopt as a lifestyle active preparation for possible emergencies or disasters.
Emergencies include situations of possible disruption of social or political, either locally or internationally.
Other characteristics of these groups is that they often acquire medical training and self-defense, stockpiling food and water, preparing for a life of self-sufficiency, among others.


Other disruptions:

- Natural disasters (tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, snowstorms, solar storms,
severe storms, flooding, tsunamis).
- Disasters Chemical, Radioactive or bacteriological. Pandemic.
- General collapse of society and order caused by the shortage or
unavailability of resources such as electricity, fuel, food or water.
- Widespread chaos or some other unexplained apocalyptic event.
- Collapse of economic / financial system.
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"Homesteading" in general translates into a lifestyle of self-sufficiency.

Some key features are subsistence farming, food production, canning at home for consumption, among others. To obtain some extra income may also involve the production for sale, on a small scale, of textiles, clothing, crafts, food or livestock.

The followers of this lifestyle often also make use of renewable energy, which features solar and wind energy, to minimize or completely cancel its dependence on commercial energy networks.

Be a conscious choice or a necessity, one of the examples of this style of life in cities are the urban gardens.

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