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SAR Technology - RECCO®

The search and rescue technology is changing.
An example of this change is the RECCO® system.

More information on the manufacturer's page.

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Josh 'Ratboy' Bryceland: Madeira Dreamin'

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In The Know - Connor Fearon

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In The Know - Ryan Howard

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In The Know - Troy Brosnan

- In The Know - Troy Brosnan
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In The Know - Yoann Barelli

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In The Know - Curtis Robinson and Dylan Dunkerton

- In The Know - Curtis Robinson and Dylan Dunkerton of the Coastal Crew.
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Welcome to the treasure hunt of the 21st Century.

To play you need only your SmartPhone.
Munzee is a treasure hunt game adapted to todaywhere items are found andvalidated via smartphone / QR-Code.
During the game, as you accumulate points you go up in levels.
Munzee can be considered an evolution of geocaching, being unique in itself as ittransposes the limitations of geocaching
adding layers of fun and game.
This game can be used and adapted in many waysas suggested by the developerson the official website.
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Oregon Manifest

"Oregon Manifest and the Bike Design Project"
The "Bike Design Project" is a contest in which several teams, one per city, compete with each other to create the best bike adapted to the requirements of urban mobility.

What is the "Oregon Manifest":
"Oregon Manifest" is a platform, an independent creative catalyst, which aims, through innovative thinking and talent, resolve the need for the use of bicycles as a utilitarian tool for life day to day.

How it works:
The platform provides the means for designers, engineers, craftsmen and manufacturers to collaboratively develop modern bike designs and tailored to transportation needs for todays rider.


 [ 2014 Edition ]  


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What is Geocaching?
Summarizing and simplifyingGeocachingdepending on who askit is a game, sportor simply the treasure hunt of modern times.
It originated at the turn of the century (XXXXI) and it was possible after it wasdiscontinued one of the GPS functionalitywhich created on purpose inaccuracies in terms of coordinates, and even the widespread availability of GPS receiving equipment.
From May 2000 until the present day Geocaching became popular,  the number of practitioners as also grown worldwide.

At the end of 2009 there were over 900,000 active caches worldwide.

What is a cache?
A cache typically consists of a box, preferably waterproof, where are placed the log book and the objects that will be subject to change by geocachers to find that thecache.
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